Karkhana Science

Turn your classroom into a lab of discovery

6 to 8
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Karkhana Science

Turn your classroom into a lab of discovery

Turn your home into a Lab of Discovery

(FOR GRADE 6, 7 & 8)

Nepal’s science curriculum and teaching methods provide a reasonably sound theoretical education. However, there is a serious lack of applied and practical science teaching and learning. We believe that interactive learning is more fun for students and enjoying learning activities leads to better grades.

Karkhana science includes practical science lessons to improve students’ understanding of theory.

What do you get in the Karkhana Science Kit?

  • A science kit aligning with the national curriculum.
  • Printed Workbook to guide students to do hands-on science activities.
  • A bag full of materials to do different fun science activities.
  • A guide to access Karkhana’s digital support platform.
  • A student guide to assist the use of a science kit.

The prices of the science kit are:

Grade 6: Rs. 5300 (including VAT)

Grade 7: Rs. 5400 (including VAT)

Grade 8: Rs. 5500 (including VAT)

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Interactive learning is more fun for students. Enjoying learning leads to better grades.

Practical Science lessons improve student's understanding of theory.