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Have you gone through STEAM-related reading materials for primary-level kids?

Probably NO. 

Do you think it’s important to kids?

Yes !!

We have been encouraging an atmosphere where students can understanding STEAM from primary levels. Knowing how each and every activity are connected to STEAM will help them solve their problem and the problem of their community. Thus, Karkhana has come up with interesting reading materials which will help small kids know about STEAM-related topics. It will inspire, encourage and engage kids in those topics. 


Junkiri: Shivani’s Story   (Price: Nrs 300)

 Price: Nrs 300 / For age 5 to 8

Based on the true story of Shivani, a computer engineer and dressmaker based in Kathmandu, Nepal, this inspiring story explores how we discover our talents. And the joy of finding that ONE thing that is so much fun to do because it utilizes all our skills and interests.

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Badmas Bot      

Price: Nrs 230 / For age 5 to 8

Most robots help human beings, but what if there was a very lazy robot that walked so slow that it always ran out of charge on the way home? What about a robot that ate everything, even plastic, or scrap?

Step into the world of nine (not so great) robots and join them in their goofs, mischief, and misadventures, as they often do more harm than good. Badmas bot is a humorous book about unruly bots that cause problems for everyone around them.

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The digital world is increasingly shaping our everyday life. Today’s children will grow up in a world where computing devices, screens, and online communities with be both normal and widespread. In the future, the impact of digital technologies on society, work, and the government are going to be significant.

Crafts and Coding 

 Price: Nrs 350 / For age 8 to 12 

Do you have a friend who is very good at crafts? We do. Her name is Abha and we want to take you on a journey with her.  Abha always makes really nice gifts for her friends and family. She also owns a cute little gift shop called Little Things. Let’s go on a journey with Abha as she designs gifts for her friends and family. By making each gift that Abha designs ourselves, we too can learn about elements of design, exploring online craft communities for inspiration, being kind online to other people trying out new things. At the very end of this book, we can learn something new together with Abha as she teachers herself to code and create an animated greeting card. 

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Digital Citizenship           


        (Grade 4)                                           (Grade 5)

                        Price: Nrs 250 / For age 9 to 13 

Every child that uses the internet is already a digital citizen. But do they understand how to navigate digital communities productively and safely? This series focuses on addressing the 21st-century skills of digital citizenship i.e. helping students to learn, communicate and collaborate safely online. The Digital Citizenship series from Karkhana offers children and their caregivers tools and the knowledge that allow them to think critically about becoming good digital citizens.

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Design and Communication 


        (Grade 4)                                    (Grade 5)

                      Price: Nrs 350 / For age 9 to 13 

Karkhana’s Design and Communication series explores visual communication techniques – such as infographics and branding – while building up from the basic elements of design – such as color, hierarchy, balance, and typography. The series also shares stories of graphic designers and visual communicators in South Asia, creating a point of connection for children from the region, as well as offering a gateway to cultural exploration for children from the rest of the world.

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Computational Thinking Book 


         (Grade 4)                                    (Grade 5)

                      Price: Nrs 250 / For age 9 to 13 

Filled with fun and engaging activities the Computational Thinking with Scratch series aims to turn children from passive consumers to active creators of technology. The series offers a comprehensive guide for children to think and solve problems like professional coders do while exploring the four core components of Computational Thinking: Algorithmic Thinking, Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, and Abstraction through gamification.

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