Stay Healthy. Keep Learning – Resources To Cope with COVID

As South Asia, and most of the world goes into lockdown to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus we are in a unique situation. As your partner on your child’s journey from a maker of little shapes to a shaper of the world, Karkhana has been trying to understand how we can best support you. Based on requests from school leaders and parents we have decided to create resources in three thematic areas: school support, homeschooling and wellbeing. We are grateful to the many experts and resources that have voluntarily committed their time to help produce this documentation.

School leaders are facing major disruption. It looks increasingly likely that teaching-learning will have to move online. This will involve learning new technologies for classroom delivery, retraining teachers and very importantly learning how to manage a workforce that does not report to a fixed location at fixed hours. Under the guidance of the leadership of PABSON and NPABSAN, Karkhana is producing a series of videos and blogs that can help schools and school leaders navigate this new terrain.

To learn more, visit the School Support Resources page.

With classes, extracurricular activities and sports all at a standstill, how do we keep our children engaged and learning? This resource set has links to free lessons and videos that our team has chosen from around the world. It also includes access to many Karkhana lessons for free. In addition to do-it-yourself lessons that are available for free, we are starting to provide digital classes that are facilitated by experienced teachers.

To learn more, visit the Keep Learning Going page.

Human beings are made up of more than just their bodies, we have minds, spirit and more. To be truly healthy we need to care for all aspects of ourselves. In difficult times like this we need to take a holistic approach to caring for ourselves. In the Wellbeing section we collaborate with licenses and trained medical professionals to learn more about what we need to do to stay healthy.

To learn more, visit the Wellbeing page.