Some importance resources for School leaders and teachers

Here, are some other resources for school leaders and teachers which might be helpful to cope with this uncertain situation. We have gathered these links so that we can address your need and help you to tackle with this crisis.

1)  School Leader’s Guide to Surviving COVID-19 Closures

  •  You can find COVID-19 Resilient Educator Toolkit which contains seven types of content, designed to be shared with your community of teachers, parents, and students.
  •  The COVID-19: Resilient Educator Toolkit equips teachers with actionable strategies and advice to use immediately for themselves and in working with and supporting children, parents, and families during these difficult times.
  • It has a broader section including; StayCalm, Be Informed, Self Care,Teaching and learning through COVID-19, Stay health, Create A Plan, MaintainBalance, Learning the time of coronavirus, Stay Motivated, Think positively, Embrace change, Move forward, Resource roundups, Resilient Readings.

2)  Low Tech and No Tech Approaches to Distance Learning

  • Many students do not have access to devices and internet services, so this link will help you find an equitable way to deal with this.
  • It will guide you with the principles related to engaging your learners, providing connections, and designing authentic activities.
  • It is very relevant to our low-tech and no tech situations.

3)  Essential SEL Resources: COVID-19

  • This link will help you find social and emotional resources to explore.
  • This is a challenging time for teachers, parents and global communities as the learning and working environments are changing. Thus, these resources will support you to come across those fluctuating circumstances.
  • You can go through its different pieces like anti stress- relaxation toys, learning at home, 100 resources for emotional well being, resources on mindfulness etc.

4)  My Hero is You – How kids can fight COVID-19

  • This is a new storybook introduced to help children understand and know COVID-19. It is produced by a collaboration of more than 50 organizations working in the humanitarian sector.
  • It will help to teach children how can they protect themselves, their families and friends from coronavirus and how to manage difficult emotions when confronted with a new and rapidly changing reality.
  • It will be supportive to every parent for keeping their children far from any kinds of stress and anxiety