Stay at home and learn from Neemacademy

Karkhana, as an education organization we are trying to make sure we become a platform for many similar voices like ours. And in this difficult times, we are putting our differences aside and coming together to build better unity and build stronger response in education sector. Here we have an informative message from Neemacademy. 

Covid-19 has taken a turn in all the sectors of the world as well as in Nepal. In order to prevent the children from this global pandemic, Governments all around the world have closed all the educational institutions, universities etc.

In this hour of a global problem, Neema Education Foundation (NEF) has taken an initiative towards it to create awareness. There is a proverb saying “Charity begins at home, but shouldn’t end there”. We started the awareness from our second home i.e. Office. Our employees are our assets, so we need to take care of our assets first. We, as a responsible organization, started working from home even before the official lockdown was announced for the safety of our employees. In order to ensure smooth operation from home, the company provided necessary devices and other equipment to those employees in need.

Our vision is to help the students get the concept of each topic they are learning and motivate them to gain knowledge on new things. We had provided free learning materials to SEE preparing from March 12,2020. And all the courses were published free from Feb 28, 2020 for Grade 1 to 5 and 10 way before lockdown started.

Apart from this, Neema Education Foundation has also been taking care of children. We have started a small awareness campaign about COVID-19 by creating videos on how to wash hands, making sanitiser at home and reading materials and information on CoronaVirus. As the SEE was postponed one day before the exam and all the schools were shut down, parents are having a hard time to engage their children during the quarantine period. We are utilising this time and providing entertaining arts and crafts videos, some curriculum-based videos and games to students for free so parents as well as their children can learn something new every day at their home. Similarly, we are producing reading materials for children in 4 languages English, Nepali, Nepal Bhasa and Tharu for the children in association with Let’s Read Asia. This not only sets the learning habit in children but helps to develop their reading skills as well as learn new language.

Parents/children can simply download our app from the Playstore or App store.

Process for downloading Mobile App

  1. Download Neemacademy (Learner)
  2. Register with your email address or phone number
  3. Verify your email address or phone number
  4. Update the quick login code for offline access of the digital content
  5. Go to the learning materials and enrol in the course for access.

I would request everyone to stay at home and learn new things at home using our Neemacademy app and save lives 🙂

                              घरमा बसौं, आफू बचौं, अरुलाई बचाऊँ। 

                                            Stay Home and Learn from Home !!

                                                              Save Lives!