STEAM club for School

What is a STEAM club for School?

STEAM Club  is a learning space that connects ideas with reality by empowering students through peer based learning to convert their imagination into physical prototypes.


What will the School Get?

How will Karkhana Support?

  • A four hours long STEAM Club kick-off Workshop
  • Monthly virtual sessions for students with access to online resources
  • Monthly  Project Themes to schools 
  • Digital materials and support using google classroom facebook and messenger group.
  • Monitoring and evaluation through monthly updates from students through virtual sessions
  • Twice school visits annually that includes observation and reflective session/conversation with students and teachers
  • Certification to the club at the end of the year 

How to Implement?

1.Contact Karkhana’s team Email: Phone: +977 9801888824

2.Meet the team to Understand the School’s need

3.Sign MOU as an agreement to work together

4.Receive Product & Service Delivered

5.Provide Feedbacks & Evaluation with Karkhana team